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Whale Shark Swim Cancun

Seasonal activity June to September, ¡RESERVE NOW! Pay less for the best boats and service in town! We are direct operators.

Round trip ride. Continental breakfast, Refreshments, Sandwiches, Ceviche. Snorkeling Gear (You are welcome to bring your own wet suit!) Trained guide, National Park entrance Free. WE HAVE THE BEST BOATS IN TOWN (FASTEST, RESTROOM) DEPARTING 15 MINUTES FROM CANCUN'S HOTEL ZONE. Whale Sharks migrate following their feeding instincts. Every year they pass by and stay around the Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox areas. High Concentrations of plankton allow this wonderful event to happen close to our Cancun coast.

September month of whaleshark

divePro Cancun Diving brings you to a once in a lifetime experience, a meeting with nature’s biggest fish. A close encounter with these gentle giants that enhances your Cancun vacation.Some time ago, the only departures to the Whale shark migration, could only be done from Holbox Island, now from Isla Mujeres. Today our departures are from the 2 docks we have helped renew one North of Puerto Juárez and another by the Punta Sam Ferry Dock dock, 15 minutes away from Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

Following ecological rules along with National Park procedures, only 2 snorkelers are allowed in the water at a time so they have a certain amount of time to snorkel with the Whale sharks. Every Snorkeler has their fair share of turns. If your party is not a pair number or you are one person, it will not matter.
After snorkeling with the Whale sharks you may encounter Manta Rays, dolphins and go snorkeling to a nice coral reef area.

Whale Sharks are found in warm waters and tropical oceans like the Yucatán Península.

Whale Sharks are found in warm waters and tropical oceans like the Yucatán Península.

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Swim with the biggest fish in the ocean. Experience being close to this gentle giants.

Round Trip Transportation: Pick up times depend on your hotel’s location but maybe around 7am, drop off time depends on how far we went to spot the migration and how long the group of snorkelers stay, drop off is between 2:30 and 3 pm.

  • - Snorkeling Gear is included, but you may bring your own.
  • - Coffee and cookies in the morning, sandwiches and light lunch, fruit, refreshments on board and delicious fresh, ceviche.
  • - Our 12 custom made boats size from 30ft. to 33ft. all have a restroom and top, also each has twin fast motors. We are allowed to bring max. 10 people per boat that ride very comfortably.
  • - Children minimum age is 7 yrs. old, that can take a minimum 6 hrs. on board.
  • - National Park Fee.

whale sharks arrive at cancun in mid june until september

Whale Sharks arrive at Cancun in mid june until september.

Enjoy the great vibe of swimming with the whale shark

Enjoy the great vibe of swimming with the whale shark!

Their habitat is so rich in nutrients that converges with other species

Their habitat is so rich in nutrients that converges with other species.

Be informed that the whale sharks will not come to the area where you are and stay there just static as you probably will; they swim sometimes it is required to swim along their side and this may require effort. National Park Rules require the use of life vests BUT IF YOU BRING YOUR WETSUIT YOU MAY AVOID THE USE OF LIFE VESTS, THERE IS NO WET SUIT RENTAL!

The encounter and interaction is 2 meters away from the Whale Sharks.

  • No flash on cameras.
  • No knives.
  • No fishing.
  • No feeding fish
  • No jumping and splashing, (controlled water entrance).

NO SCUBA DIVING. We would love to go diving among the Whale Sharks in Cancun but we must obey the National Park Rules THERE IS NO DIVING WITH WHALE SHARKS IN THESE AREAS. IF YOU ARE OFFERED THIS SERVICE YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED.

Unlike several Operators or Travel Agents, we do not like to force transportation to our guests and make money on that as well, our guests are welcome to drive their rental car or use their own taxi, we do work with a transportation company that can quote depending on where our guests are staying.

PLEASE BE AWARE that this is an Open Ocean activity and there is no control over winds and waves so if you GET SEASICK please have sea sickness medication prior to the tour.

Whale Sharks as other fish feed on water organisms therefore they filter water and the water must be CLEAN so ONLY BIODEGRADABLE tanning lotions are the ONLY tanning lotions accepted.

Why use our Whaleshark snorkeling services?

We are dedicated exclusively to scuba diving and snorkeling in Cancun and surrounding areas with 15 years of experience.

We have been dedicated to the Whale Shark snorkeling since we were allowed to provide the service from Cancun and used to provide it from Isla Mujeres. Our Captains are the most experienced in the area and are pioneer scouts that are every year the first ones to find the whale shark migration, determine its path and predict its arrival to our Cancun coast.

The largest fish in the world that can weigh up to 15 tons and measuring up to 18 meters.
swim in cancun and isla mujeres


After many years of providing services to Travel Agencies that send us their clients, we decided in 2010 to have our own Internet Marketing and our own guests offering a very competitive price since we do not have to pay commissions.

Many web pages you find are the “middle man” who gets a commission from the operators and also charge YOU for their third party services.

WE ARE A MEXICAN COMPANY unlike others, that have to call themselves nick names and use strange websites, taking the profits out of the country not benefiting our area, our culture and our whale sharks, offering Whale Shark Tours in Cancun that try by all means to compete with our Internet Operation.

Others do the typical hook and switch stating the cheapest price but not mentioning until later the “other costs” such as transportation, National Park Fee, Snorkeling gear rentals etc.

Other “cheaper offers” involve time share presentations. AVOID, having to either rent an airplane or a 6hr total drive to Holbox Island, it is located on another state and the Whale Sharks travel there after visiting our areas, at this sites the water turns green not allowing a great visibility, at our areas visibility is fantastic but sometimes affected by Plankton itself.

We are a simple straight; forward small company that welcomes you to a simple easy going experience from the first email to the last interaction.

The largest fish in the world that can weigh up to 15 tons and measuring up to 18 meters.

For more information of this amazing fish please click here.

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