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If you have not tried to dive before, this course for you.

Cancun Diving

The best place to scuba dive coral reefs and to get scuba certified

Beginner Diving

If you have not tried to dive before, this course for you.

Underwater Museum

Is the world's most famous underwater sculpture museum.

Wreck Diving

Cancun Wrecks are amazing Scuba dives.

Fish Juvenile Frech Angel of cancun

Cancun diving

Diving in Cancun is a unique experience. ┬┐Are you ready?

Underwater Museum

Underwater Cancun has over 500 sculptures a great place to scuba dive for beginners and certified divers

Cavern diving cancun cenotes

Cavern Diving

Experience diving in another world in the biggest cave and Cavern system in the world

Beginners Courses in Cancun

Beginner diving courses

If you have not tried diving before, it's time ! Come to divePro Cancun Diving.

PADI Open Water scuba diver


The open water referral course allows divers to earn their scuba diving certification.


If you are a certified Scuba diver or a beginner that has not tried this amazing activity, or a hardcore Scuba diver with specific needs and special requests, divePro Cancun Diving provides integral customized Scuba diving solutions.

Navigate this space and find information regarding your scuba dive needs in Cancun and its surrounding dive realm, from Beginner diving courses , that provide a taste of scuba, toSpecialty dive Courses.


With over 18 years of dive experience providing the most personalized Scuba Diving services in Cancun for fair prices, through knowledge, experience and personal attention, in a safe & fun environment, observing all dive protocols by the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council) being certified by Scuba Diving Agencies: (PADI, SSI, SDI) and by Divers Alert Network DAN, as Dive Emergency Management Providers, DAN Instructors and DAN Instructor Trainer being one of the few in Mexico that can provide DAN courses all levels.


For certified scuba divers, it is essential for divePro Cancun Diving, to let you choose only what you want to dive, customize your diving on our design your diving section. You may choose to scuba dive Cancun, Cozumel, Caverns, wrecks or the UWMUSEUM. Our Scuba Dive Services, are provided to enhance your dive experience by scuba diving & teaching PRIVATELY at no extra charge, depending on availability. Anticipated reservation for any scuba dive services is required. Enjoy breathtaking dive images at the Diving Photo Slide Show and DIVING VIDEO taken at Cancun and surrounding dive areas.

Design YOUR OWN Scuba diving Package.

Customize a Scuba Dive package...

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