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Referral Courses

Open Water Referral course is designed for you to suit

Referral Diving

Take advantage of your Cancun vacation to finish your Scuba Certification. The Referral course provides the diving part of your certification. Your dives are done on a comfortable area in Cancun's reef system, interact with subaquatic life while you perform your scuba diving skills, enjoy our diving photo slide show.

We Specialize on Referral Open Water Certification Dives, or Check out dives, and it is one of our important areas of expertise.

Dives 1 & 2, are done at a shallow 33 Ft./11 Mts. Cancun coral reefs or Cancun Underwater Museum.

Dives 3 & 4, are done at 55 Ft./16.5 Mts. at Cancun Coral Reefs.


The Service provided for the Referral Open Water dives is private, meaning that from 1 on 1 or 1 private Scuba Instructor for your party. More divers, or groups require more than 1 or several Scuba Instructors. We may have other divers on board, with their own guides or Instructors.

To be able to certify this courses, the student must provide a PADI Record and Referral form or Global Referral Form or Universal Referral Format with all requirements for academics and pool Scuba Training as well as a Log Book.

Scuba Certifications are provided for referral courses that have taken their diving academic classes and pool dives and training with PADI, SSI or SDI, or any agency that provides a Universal Referral Format.

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